The Unknown Traveller

Seeing the world, one place at a time.

The world changes, so do we. Make the most of your time here on it. And make friends while you enjoy the ride.

Where’s home to you? Is it where you grew up? Maybe it’s the city or state where you were born. Is it where you currently reside? Home could be where you feel most comfortable. Maybe you’re not sure where home really is for you.

If you’re not sure where home is, how do you know where it isn’t? Does that sound like a strange idea, well it is not. Sometimes you live somewhere, you may even call it home, but it just doesn’t really feel like the place you belong. If that’s what you feel, maybe you haven’t found home.

Once you know where home is, visiting other places becomes an adventure. It becomes something fun, something to experience. And if you don’t feel like you’ve found your “home”, then traveling gives you a chance to find that place where you feel like you belong – that place, that is home for you.

So leave town, see someplace new, go camping, try a new hobby, as the saying goes “get out of Dodge”.

If you don’t go see the world, who will?

We often think “later, when I retire”, maybe its “after the kids grow up”, or even “Why?”. Later may come much to soon, the kids will grow up, and you will get older not matter if you are ready for it or not. Make your time now, don’t wait.

Seeing the world is an adventure for everyone.

wide shot of elk refuge