Going Places

So you want to get out of Dodge. Where to go?

Sometimes the best thing to do is just try someplace close by, but someplace you haven’t yet visited. Do you live in New Jersey, well drive on up to Vermont. Do you live in Vermont, go on up to Maine. Do you live in Washington state, maybe a drive out to Idaho would be interesting. Or maybe you live in Seattle, WA and have never really left it. Then just a drive down to Portland, OR might be enough. Maybe taking the ferry to Bainbridge would be new for you. If you don’t like to drive that much, take a train. Amtrak runs from a number of large towns and go a variety of places.

If you live in Texas do you really believe that there is no place like it? Have you never left San Antonio? Or maybe the farthest you’ve been is down to Corpus Christi? Try a trip out to Big Bend National Park. Or take a drive out to Shreveport, LA or even Hot Springs, AR.

Is that a “been there done that” feeling to you? Well, get further out of Dodge. Get on a plane and go somewhere. We may think of all those big places, seeing Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, or even Chicago. But planes go to smaller towns too. Maybe there is a direct flight from your closest down to someplace you’ve never been. Fare sales happen all the time. Most towns have inexpensive places to stay, and reasonable priced places to eat. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can even go someplace and go camping. Don’t have camping gear you say, there are places that rent camping gear, just check online. If you’ve never gone camping, some sporting good store, REI for example, even have classes that can help get you started or teach you what you need to know, or take you on short camping trips. Ask a friend to let you borrow their camping gear. Are you too scared to try it on your own, then go with a friend. Try out your gear in the back yard if it makes it more comfortable. Find a close state park, national park, someplace you can camp. Take fishing pole with you and try your hand at fishing. Or yes, take your camera and just take pictures – that smart phone in your hand will work too.

If that seems to tame, then go out, do a road trip, cross state lines, make sure your passport is valid and cross the border to someplace new.

You don’t have to go to everyplace, just try someplace new. Get a taste of a new adventure.

Get out and see the world, your way.